Please email for a no-obligation quotation. High Level have a huge number of satisfied clients, located throughout the UK. From Architects to Zoo’s and all types of organisations in between.
Images for Legal cases have also been undertaken, as well as pipeline and archaeological surveys.  High Level understand the pressure clients are under, and always provide a no-fuss, fast-turnaround service. Your request for an image can often be delivered to your desk within 24 hours, given suitable weather. The company is managed by Ian Leslie  who is a professional photographer,  has a team of photographers that have been involved in the Aerial Photography industry for over 20 years.  
Having the latest high-resolution imaging equipment and techniques to obtain the best high or low level aerial photographs at a competitive price, and with a focus on friendly service, with a can-do attitude, get you your images  with minimal delay. High Level are also highly-experienced in land-based photography, especially from mast based vehicles.   With state of the art facilities and fully qualified staff, the company delivers professional aerial photography to businesses and individuals at all budget scales. The service is designed to be cost effective, helping clients get the images they need and on time, every time.