Mast Hire Services

High Level Photography CCTV
Survey Vehicle on M6 Motorway

High Level is pleased to offer a flexible and affordable mast hire service to professionals such as photographers, Outside Broadcast services, film and video production companies, photogrammetrists, Liddar operators, wireless operators, CCTV Installers and anyone else needing to capture an aerial (birds eye) view.

Access all areas

The Vans or all-access 4×4 will get into spaces and places that cherry-pickers, or elevated working platforms can’t, from stadiums, golf courses to small streets, the possibilities are endless.  We can mount your equipment efficient and safe manner, in almost any location.


With EWP’s you will need a licence to operate on the public highway, With our mast mounted vehicles both vans and 4 x 4′s, that problem is removed.

The Perfect Solution

With an experienced professional operator and the use a military specification pneumatic mast, which can extend up to 84ft (25m) high you can be sure you have the perfect solution.