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London Aerial Photography Shoot – Behind the scenes

by Ian Leslie on 15th February 2023 in Uncategorised

 Have you ever wondered what goes into pulling off an aerial photography shoot across one of the world’s most iconic cities? Are you curious about some of the planning and work that happens before a photographer even sets foot into the aircraft and the camera zoomed in on major landmarks Big Ben or The […]

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Case Study – Aerial shoot for SEGRO: 14 sites at London Heathrow

by admin on 26th July 2021 in Aerial Photography

Overview For 100 years SEGRO has been creating space that enables extraordinary things to happen. From modern big box warehouses to urban warehousing, SEGRO provides high-quality buildings that allow their customers to thrive. SEGRO tasked High Level Photography with creating aerial photography that did the scale and quality of their sites justice.   The Challenge […]

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Behind the Scenes with the Drone Team – Great Portland Street

by Abigail Leslie on 8th June 2021 in Behind the Scenes

 We’ve been ‘getting elevated’ for 30 years now, using all sorts of techniques, from cherry pickers to aeroplanes, to get the perfect shot. As the years have flown by, tech has just got more and more advanced, and you won’t be surprised to know that a good chunk of our work is now done […]

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Photographing 27 Sites in 48 Hours.
High Level Mast Vehicle at Sunset

by Abigail Leslie on 26th May 2021 in Ground Photography

Our clients do like to challenge us! In the middle of the harsh Lockdown 3.0, we were asked if we could complete the photography of 27 properties (care homes) within the following week. The challenge was they were located all around the UK. The odds were stacked against us. We were in the middle of […]

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Behind the Scenes with the Drone Team at London Waterloo
High Level Photography Drone Operator

by Abigail Leslie on 12th May 2021 in Behind the Scenes

We were recently commissioned by an architectural visualisation agency to produce view photography for a new development in Central London. A lot of pre-planning went into this project co-coordinating multiple take-off locations at specific times throughout the day. A long day for our team, but one very happy client! *Filmed prior to Lockdown 2&3

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Quick Guide: Drone or Plane?

by Abigail Leslie on 29th January 2021 in Aerial Photography

Drones are now standard kit for most photographers but their use on commercial assignments are heavily regulated especially in tight urban environments.test We have been flying drones since the outset and our experienced drone team are fully qualified with relevant permissions and, of course, insurance cover. We fly planes, helicopters, drones and our vans are […]

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Lockdown lessons: A new age of environmental focus for commercial property?

by Ian Leslie on 5th July 2020 in Industry News

Commercial property industry driving positive environmental change? Reading a recent Property Week article raised a few relevant points the team and I have been working through and I thought I would share… In this current state of flux, as a business owner, my immediate focus is on my clients and what impact the global crisis […]

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My lockdown lessons: Commercial property hit worse than the great depression?

by Ian Leslie on 8th June 2020 in Industry News

Brace yourself for more negativity in the commercial property press   Is this the new great depression? Well no not quite. I understand negative headlines sell more and get more clicks than positive, hence my title today!  With wave after wave of negativity in the press, I am keen to shed some optimism for my […]

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11 Years Since New Beginnings

by Ian Leslie on 12th September 2018 in Aerial Photography

Celebrating 11 years of being under the ownership of Ian Leslie, we look back at our humble beginnings and see how we’ve evolved with an ever-competitive industry.   When High Level Photography was established in 1985 by founder Keith Hallam, it ran successfully specialising in Highway CCTV surveys and commercial property photography. When Keith decided […]

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Only use approved commercial drone operators or you could be out of pocket – warns CAA

by David Reeves on 25th May 2018 in Drone

If you are paying someone to fly a drone you must check that they have the necessary safety approval, or you could be paying for an illegal operator that won’t be insured if things go wrong, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) warned today. Anyone being paid to fly a drone needs to be an […]

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