For 100 years SEGRO has been creating space that enables extraordinary things to happen.

From modern big box warehouses to urban warehousing, SEGRO provides high-quality buildings that allow their customers to thrive.

SEGRO tasked High Level Photography with creating aerial photography that did the scale and quality of their sites justice.

Robinson-44-Aerial-Photography-Flight-HLP_LRB_130709_4022_WR Case Study – Aerial shoot for SEGRO: 14 sites at London Heathrow


The Challenge

SEGRO wanted aerial photography to capture a portfolio of 14 assets around London Heathrow Airport.

At first, they looked at using a drone, but obtaining permission to fly near the airport is easier said than done, especially when you have 14 sites to cover. Plus, to get the images SEGRO wanted, they needed to fly higher than most drones can go.

HLP_L_210309_1055_WR Case Study – Aerial shoot for SEGRO: 14 sites at London Heathrow


The Solution

SEGRO approached High Level Photography with the challenge and we set up a call to discuss the options available.

Our experience indicated that the best option was an aerial photoshoot using a helicopter, working closely with Heathrow Air Traffic Control.

Flying within an air traffic zone of a busy airport comes with the challenge of being put into holding positions. And if these are not managed carefully, you can rack up significant costs as the helicopter burns fuel at a high rate.

To mitigate this risk, we spent a considerable amount on pre-planning and logistics; keeping a close eye on the weather, booking and preparing the helicopter, briefing the pilot, plotting the co-ordinates of each site, liaising with the airport authorities to obtain permission and co-ordinating carefully with air traffic control.

On the day we hired a Robinson R44 helicopter from nearby Denham Airfield. We stripped off the doors to give our two photographers an unobstructed view to capture the images required to showcase the unique location and proximity of the surrounding airport and road networks.

HLP_L_210309_1255-1-1024x683 Case Study – Aerial shoot for SEGRO: 14 sites at London Heathrow

The Outcome

We completed the assignment within 2 hours flight time, with constant communication between the pilot and the tower.

We completed 360-degree circuits of each site including close-ups of individual units and location shots showing the site in context with the surrounding road networks and proximity of airport facilities. We also were fortunate with beautiful sunny blue skies (but still absolutely freezing!). All in all, over 400 images were shot, edited and sent to SEGRO within 24 hours.

High Level took time to understand the brief, advised on solutions, and managed the whole job from start to finish. They have a deep technical understanding of what is required and, combined with their creative ability delivered exactly what we required. Great communication and team!

SEGRO Marketing Manager

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