An Almost Impossible Team Challenge!


To mark the launch of our new website, plans were put in place for a spectacular team shot to match.

Trying to co-ordinate the entire High Level team is somewhat akin to herding cats! However, the challenge gauntlet was thrown down and a date was set for a new photo.

Our photographers are usually spread around the country, our pilot taking to the skies and our admin team working tirelessly. However for one day only – which just so happened to be shrouded in sunshine – we all came together!

Fortunately, due to our home base being at Fairoaks Airport, there is plenty of room to play with. So, with the blessing of the airfield operators’, a free corner of the airfield was chosen. This made a suitable spot at which to position all the company mast vehicles – six in total – and our aircraft.

Once in position, Chris flew our drone to capture the scene from above. For the icing on the cake, Ian (the MD) jumped in an R44 helicopter and completed the line up much to the team’s surprise. 

Don’t worry – he is a qualified pilot!

HLP_B_160831_3080-1024x683 A Different Take on the Team Shot

HLP_B_160831_3077-Edit-1-1024x684 A Different Take on the Team Shot

HLP_R_160831_5043-1024x683 A Different Take on the Team Shot

HLP_R_160831_5011-736x1024 A Different Take on the Team Shot

For a further look behind the scenes, why not check out our ‘In Action’ gallery page here?

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