Who would want to use such a service?

Applications are numerous – from surveyors to advertising professionals and from property developers to traffic engineers. We have undertaken assignments ranging from studies observing pedestrian behavior to depicting roofing products effectively. If you have a problem to which we might have a solution, then please ask – you never know, we might have already solved a similar problem in the past.

Surely the cost would be prohibitive for small organisations or individuals?

Not at all. In addition to working for large organisations, we frequently work for smaller companies or single person concerns. Our results are cost-effective and many smaller firms find we can help them achieve a competitive edge over their larger rivals.


Does High Level Have to be booked a long time in advance?

No, but it depends on our workload and weather conditions. On occasions, we have completed jobs on the same day as the initial enquiry.


As a client, do I need to be present at the time of the photography?

No. We are used to taking a brief by letter, phone, fax or email. Our experience enables us to understand your objectives and to operate independently, often taking advantage of a brief window of weather opportunity and without using the client’s valuable time.


What information do you need from the client?

We need to understand your objectives – what are the photographs meant to achieve, for example. It also helps to know the maximum likely reproduction size so that we can tailor image quality to the client’s needs. Of course, we also need to accurately identify the location and boundaries of the subject.


Do you have to obtain permission from any authorities?

No. We usually work from public highways so no permissions are needed. When we need to access private land, then naturally, we need to request permission. This is rarely a problem.


Who owns the image rights?

High Level Photography Ltd own the copyright in the image. The client has a license to use the image or images only for the declared use and intended application. High Level Photography Ltd retains the copyright on material supplied and the client is not allowed, unless previously agreed in writing to give away or sell the material to a third party for another application or for submission to a photographic library, for instance. High Level Photography Ltd may use the image for marketing and publicity purposes or may place in a photographic library, unless the image is of a confidential nature.


 What size of subject can you cover?

High Level have worked on a number of assignments over the years, Large single buildings, commercial developments, retail parks or Airports are suitable subjects. We have met a number of challenges but never any that have prevented us from obtaining the required image. For much larger areas such as a whole town, one would need to employ an alternative technique, which we are also able to facilitate.


 How high can you go?

How high would you like us to go? Most of our vehicles will go up to 26 metres and any height in between. We have never needed to go higher for any ground based mast, elevated or aerial photography. Most of our photography is carried out at the 26 metre height but we also take photographs at lower heights as the mast climbs or descends. This gives us and the client a wide selection to choose the best from.


Can I speak to previous clients?

Yes of course – please ask High Level for a selection of names. We do not put our client’s names on our web site without clearing this with them first. This is due to the confidential nature of some of our assignments.


Do we have public liability insurance?

Yes High Level Photography Ltd do have public liability insurance (PLI) as well as employers liability insurance (ELI) which is a legal requirement. Please feel free to ask for a copy of our cover.