Taking an overview


With the sale or lease of property, large sums are involved – big money. Projecting the right image, be it through promotional literature, advertising or public relations, can mean the difference between profit and loss- success and something you’d rather forget. This is where High Level can help you to come out on top.


Like you, we’re specialists in our field. With years of experience in photography and video related to property, we’re well-qualified to understand your problems and your objectives. When it comes to planning matters and the marking of property, High Level is here to help you.


High Level Photography can help you with:


  • The sale of commercial leases and freeholds
  • Showing residential property to best advantage
  • Selling building plots
  • Simulating views from proposed buildings
  • Marketing building products
  • Reinforcing arguments at planning appeals using video surveys and still photography
  • Illustrating the size of commercial property
  • Showing property in its context-proximity to town centre, adjoining fields, car parking facilities and well-known landmarks
  • Showing boundaries
  • Providing video evidence of vehicular and pedestrian traffic flows
  • Video traffic surveys-access, parking, degree of congestion
  • Evidence form change-of-use applications

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