ILDR-IMG_7240-960 Jessica Ennis Welcomes Air travellers to British Soil


Giant Field Painting of Jessica Ennis


Aerial Photography of A Giant Grass Painting

High Level’s aerial photography service was commissioned to photograph a giant grass painting of Jessica Ennis painted on a playing field in Isleworth, Middlesex, England.  An early start at 4.00am to take a helicopter over the site, it was this early to be able to position over the site before Heathrow airport fully opened to arrivals and departures.  The painting is right under the arrival flight path for runway 27.


Welcome to our Turf

Millions of passengers flying into Heathrow will be able to see a giant painting on the flight path featuring British World Champion heptathlete Jessica Ennis alongside the words “Welcome to our turf”’.


The image has been created by British Airways to welcome home Team GB and ParalympicsGB supporters and remind athletes from overseas that only one country has home advantage. It will be visible to passengers in the run up to the Games, including July 16


The image measures 53 by 75 meters the image is bigger than 15 tennis courts and 193 London buses within its dimensions, and portrays Olympic hopeful Ennis with the Twitter hashtag #HomeAdvantage to generate buzz and capture excitement.


Proud Moment for Jessica Ennis

A proud Jessica Ennis was quoted as saying   “I’m thrilled to be the first face that people will see arriving into the UK for the London 2012 Games. I hope it brings excitement to homecoming Brits, and reminds international athletes that we’re ready and prepared! We have the most dedicated fans in the world, who will get behind us every step of the way to give us a home advantage.”


British Airways sponsorship manager, Luisa Fernandez, said: “Whether you’re a Brit coming home, or an athlete arriving in for the London 2012 Games, this celebratory message reminds us all of the power of the home crowd and how important it is to get behind Team GB and ParalympicsGB.”



To follow or join the campaign, use #HomeAdvantage on Twitter.


IL-IMG_7274-1600x1200 Jessica Ennis Welcomes Air travellers to British Soil


An Aerial photograph of a giant image of Jessica Ennis

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