In recent times, drone requests have become “de rigueur” for many clients and this is something High Level can help with.
The High Level drones are sent into the air on a regular basis for both stills and video work under the control of our trained and qualified operators, but it’s not always as simple as it may seem!

HLP_R_161029_5106_2-1024x704 So You Want To Use A Drone?

Drone – St Mary’s Axe, London

We are under the impression that many of our potential customers think we can fly a drone anywhere at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, this is not the case, for as usual, regulations and red tape can get in the way.

Drone – The Legal Requirements

As the law stands, drones are not allowed to operate “within 50 metres of persons, vessels and structures not under your control” therefore, flying pretty much anywhere in the urban environment is at best difficult and in some circumstances totally out of bounds!

Latest News

High Level now hold an Operational Safety Certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Authority which permits us to operate our drones with reduced clearances of 20 metres (as opposed to the standard 50 metres) plus we are permitted to take-off/land within 10 metres – one of very few UK drone operators to have this permission.

In the past, High Level have heard of potential clients employing “Joe Bloggs” using his drone bought off the shelf which, whilst fine (and probably much cheaper) for the end user, is illegal and “Joe” would be up for prosecution if caught – all in all not good publicity – to ensure that your drone shoot is carried out in a legal and safe manner, give us a call at High Level – we’re here to help.

From your initial call, High Level will guide you through the process from initially advising if a drone is the best method to capture the images you want to achieve. We can offer alternatives such as an elevated mast or an aerial from our aircraft. In fact, High Level is the only company in the UK who operate a complete range of platforms to ensure that the shot you want is almost always possible.

infographic-1024x445 So You Want To Use A Drone?

How We Do It

If a drone is the best solution, we would need to conduct a pre-shoot site survey to establish factors such as landing/take-off spots, the general topography of the area and identify potential risks and hazards.

From this survey, a site-specific risk assessment and method statement will be produced which is invariably required by the landowners from where the flight starts and ends.
Any respective local authorities such as police, council and air traffic are advised of our intentions to fly.

Once these “ducks are in a row”, we then monitor the weather and prepare for the shoot keeping the client in the loop at all times.

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