Despite a forecast of rolling fog blanketing most of the UK, Paul Wells the High Level pilot had planned this aerial assignment with perfect precision and was under no illusion that it would be anything other than perfect at each of our destinations. With photographer Bryony Bishop alongside, ‘Oscar Bravo’, the High Level plane confidently took to the skies yesterday from our Fairoaks Airport base in Chobham and headed West.

With a number of subject sites to photograph in both the South West and the Midlands the chances were that the winter weather would spoil the party during the four hour mission.

However, as it transpired the flight was one of the best in terms of photography that the High Level team have ever experienced! Although there was a blanket of fog for almost the entire transiting flight, the weather was fantastically clear at each of the subject sites and the unusual light and misty conditions along the way made for some fantastically memorable images.

Have a look below at some of our favourite images:

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