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50% Off Aerial

photography shoot!

WAS £1,295 + VAT NOW ONLY £647.50 + VAT



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50% OFF Stunning Aerial Views of Your Building

Take advantage of our limited-time offer to capture breathtaking aerial images of London.
For just £647.50 + VAT (£1,295 + VAT.), you can enhance your commercial site with stunning aerial photography.

What`s Included

This offer includes a comprehensive aerial shoot, providing a selection of magnificent views around your building site.

Discounted Price: £647.50 + VAT (50% OFF)

Booking Deadline: July 12, 2024

Shoot Period: July/August 2024

To ensure optimal results, please provide the full address and site plan by July 12th, 2024.

Note: Some exclusions apply for locations within the London Borough of Hounslow and the London Borough of Richmond due to Heathrow Airport's landing traffic. Specific angles or views can be discussed and may incur additional charges.

london aerial photography

hl-logo 50% Limited Time Offer

Book Your Aerial Photography Shoot Today!

Elevate your marketing efforts by showcasing your property’s unique features and expansive views. High-quality aerial images create compelling marketing materials that enhance your website and social media visuals. Attract potential investors and clients with a dynamic perspective of your site, and document the progress and scale of your construction or renovation projects.

The speed of delivery and quality of work is first class…

High Level have always been quick to react and very flexible, which has been invaluable over the past year when we have had some very busy periods with some very demanding clients. The speed of delivery and quality of work is first class.

Designer - Savills 28th July 2016

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The quality of the images made the building look much better than I remembered…

I thought you had photographed a different building because I didn’t recognise it – the quality of the images made the building look much better than I remembered!!

London Investment Agent 1st August 2016


Enhance your building's appeal with stunning aerial photography, showcasing its unique features and expansive views.

Aerial photos provide a bird’s-eye view of the entire property, allowing potential buyers or tenants to see the full scope, layout, and boundaries. This is particularly useful for large commercial properties, such as shopping centers, industrial complexes, and office parks.

Aerial photography can effectively showcase unique features of a commercial property, such as parking facilities, loading docks, and outdoor amenities. This helps to highlight aspects that might be missed or less impressive in ground-level photos.

Aerial images can clearly depict the property’s location relative to major roads, highways, public transport options, and nearby amenities. This is crucial for businesses looking for strategic locations with easy accessibility for customers and employees.

For undeveloped commercial land or properties in development, aerial photography can help visualize the potential for future construction or expansion. It can also show progress over time, which is valuable for investors and stakeholders.

Large and complex properties, such as industrial parks or multi-building office campuses, are challenging to capture effectively from the ground. Aerial photos provide a comprehensive view, making it easier to understand the property’s layout and scale.

Aerial photos can capture surrounding infrastructure such as nearby businesses, road networks, and utilities. This is important for commercial properties where proximity to other businesses and infrastructure can be a selling point.

Aerial photos can be used to create compelling visual stories about the property, highlighting its strengths and potential uses. This can be particularly effective in marketing materials and presentations to investors and stakeholders.

For properties under development, aerial photography can provide regular updates on construction progress. This is useful for keeping investors, stakeholders, and potential buyers informed.

Accordion ConteaInvestors often look for detailed information about commercial properties before making decisions. Aerial photography provides a comprehensive view that can help investors better understand the property’s value and potential.nt

High-quality aerial images enhance online property listings, making them more attractive and engaging. This can lead to increased interest and more inquiries from potential buyers or tenants.

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