High-Level-Photography-Mast-Vehicle-at-Sunset-1-2 Photographing 27 Sites in 48 Hours.

High Level Photography Mast Vehicle at Sunset

Our clients do like to challenge us!

In the middle of the harsh Lockdown 3.0, we were asked if we could complete the photography of 27 properties (care homes) within the following week.

The challenge was they were located all around the UK. The odds were stacked against us. We were in the middle of a pandemic, we had very changeable mid-winter weather, short daylight hours and a tight deadline.

The team are always up for a challenge. Bryony Bishop, our Operations Manager and photographer, had the unenviable task of coordinating our four photographers to try and visit each site in the most economical way – both in terms of time and fuel.

With 75% of the sites at least 250 miles away from our base near London, some long days were looking likely.

All Systems Go

After a bit of planning and locating a small gap in the weather forecast, hotels were booked and all four of the High Level photography team were dispatched around the country, including Bryony, who made the decision to embark on the 5-hour drive north to Northumberland at 1am!

Why did she decide to do that you ask?..

“…it was the best decision I could ever have made”

“ I knew I had to get up early to drive up to Amble on Sea for a long day of shooting and I just couldn’t sleep. So, I decided to stop trying and just get up and go while I was awake enough to do so! It was probably the best decision I could have made. I wasn’t tired for the drive at all and as a bonus I made it in time for sunrise, which was just unbelievable! I managed to shoot 13 sites that day and was absolutely shattered by the end of it at 7pm, when I headed to my nice comfy hotel bed waiting for me in Bishop Auckland!”   

(Bryony Bishop– Operations Manager and Photographer)


Dedication or what?!

Sunrise – Let’s crack on

Here are some images of the beautiful sunrise that greeted her.

Newcastle-Sunrise-over-sea-768x1024 Photographing 27 Sites in 48 Hours.

The beautiful sunrise that Bryony captured in Newcastle after her drive through the night!

New-castle-pebble-beach-sunrise-1-1-768x1024 Photographing 27 Sites in 48 Hours.

This spectacular image was captured on Bryony’s iPhone!

After the sunrise, it was time to grab breakfast and crack on with the job.

As these were Care Homes each site had been pre-warned that a photographer would be briefly working outside which negated the need for personal contact in the Covid times.

Fortunately, each site required only a handful of ground externals and an elevated shot (which we used either our Drone or our vehicle mast system)

After the end of the first day the team returned to their respective hotels and completed the sites the following day.

Done and Dusted.

Within 48 hours of go time, all 27 sites across the country were ‘in the bag’ and within a further 24 hours our client was in receipt of their selected and edited images.

Client Feedback

“Many thanks for the quick turnaround in these tricky times” –  CBRE

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