Taking an overview

With the sale or lease of property, large sums are involved – big money. Projecting the right image, be it through promotional literature, advertising or public relations, can mean the difference between profit and loss- success and something you’d rather forget. This is where High Level can help you to come out on top.

Like you, we’re specialists in our field. With years of experience in property photography and filming, we’re well-qualified to understand your problems and your objectives. When it comes to planning matters and the marking of property, High Level is here to help you.

High Level Photography can help you with:

  • The sale of commercial leases and freeholds
  • Showing residential property to the best advantage
  • Selling building plots
  • Simulating views from proposed buildings
  • Marketing building products
  • Reinforcing arguments at planning appeals using video surveys and still photography
  • Illustrating the size of commercial property
  • Showing property in its context – proximity to town centre, adjoining fields, car parking facilities and well-known landmarks
  • Showing boundaries
  • Providing video evidence of vehicular and pedestrian traffic flows
  • Video traffic surveys – access, parking, degree of congestion
  • Evidence for change-of-use applications


High Level Photography – Aerial Images from mobile masts

  • RELIABLE – colour pictures are monitored on a CCTV screen
  • QUICK – typical setting-up time is only 10 minutes
  • CONVINCING – seeing is believing
  • COMPACT – the High Level vehicle is small enough to fit in a single parking space
  • HIGH-TECH – an up-to-the-minute solution
  • CONVENIENT – the system is operated from ground level
  • OF HIGH QUALITY – no vibration, no haze, full control for optimum composition
  • COST-EFFECTIVE – quality results at reasonable cost

The High Level system is not a substitute for photography from aircraft, it is a system which has its own distinct advantages. With High Level, cameras are raised to the height which gives the optimum view of the subject-the best result.

Right on top

Pioneered and developed by High Level, the system and technique have operated successfully since 1985-real proof of effectiveness and reliability. Constant development and improvement ensure that High Level remains in the lead, offering you the best, cost-effective service. An ever increasing number of property professionals have turned to High Level to secure the photographic results which benefit them. Maybe it’s high time you got us on your side too?