Panoramic and Line of Sight Surveys (LOS)

Panoramic and LOS photography is used to highlight any potential ‘on site’ problems that may affect the ability to take forward the project implementation.

What is Line of Sight

  • Greenfield or street-works panoramic survey
  • Rooftop surveys – including roof layout and separate sector arcs
  • High definition digital imaging and processing
  • Images to website

Line of Sight (LOS) photography enables planners to make informed decisions about options by providing clear concise images that identify a visual or transmission path between two points.

High Level own and operate vehicles, which are fitted with an 25m pneumatic mast. The vehicle can support a number of applications such as:

  • Panoramic photography in greenfield sites or urban environments
  • Rural or rough terrain survey
  • Antenna mounting for propagation trials
  • High intensity lighting for LOS surveying
  • Height simulation for local planning authorities
  • Temporary comms deployment to events or incidents