Hot take-off

As the mercury in our thermometers records temperatures soaring over 30 degrees, the multi-skilled photographers at High Level are working hard to ensure the events of this summer are captured and shared.


Earlier this week, the aerial photography team took a helicopter flight over Hampton Court Palace – where they witnessed the Hampton Court Flower Show in full bloom.  A series of pictures were taken and filed in our picture stock library and distributed over the wires.


3-high-levels-aerial-photograph-of-the-hampton-court-flower-show Summer Of '13 Captured in Full Bloom


2-high-levels-aerial-photograph-of-visitors-attending-the-hampton-court-flower-show Summer Of '13 Captured in Full Bloom


1-high-levels-aerial-photograph-of-hampton-court-and-the-river-thames Summer Of '13 Captured in Full Bloom


4-high-levels-aerial-photograph-of-the-hampton-court-flower-show Summer Of '13 Captured in Full Bloom


5-high-levels-aerial-photograph-of-exhibits-at-the-hampton-court-flower-show Summer Of '13 Captured in Full Bloom


6-high-levels-aerial-photograph-of-the-hampton-court-palace Summer Of '13 Captured in Full Bloom


In the Press

Two of the images of the show caught the eye of the picture desk at the Daily Mail and has been featured in its picture story published today with the title ‘Blazing temperatures to last until the school holidays as Britain continues to sizzle and this week could be hottest so far


These images, which sit alongside pictures of packed British beaches, punters in Cambridge and the ‘Colour Run’ in Wembley, London, will now be filed under “images of summers’ past”, much like the photos of ladies at standpipes and the dried river beds take us back instantly to the Summer of 76.


The stunning floral displays that had been set up for the show have been captured, punctuating the once manicured lawns of this great palace, which are now scorched to a golden brown by the much wished for, but admittedly sometimes unrelenting sun that will paint the background of many photographs that will long remind us of the heat wave of the Summer of 13.


There is no denying that now back in the studio the fountains captured in these images do look refreshingly tempting!

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