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Photographing 27 Sites in 48 Hours.
High Level Mast Vehicle at Sunset

by Abigail Leslie on 26th May 2021 in Ground Photography

Our clients do like to challenge us! In the middle of the harsh Lockdown 3.0, we were asked if we could complete the photography of 27 properties (care homes) within the following week. The challenge was they were located all around the UK. The odds were stacked against us. We were in the middle of […]

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Lockdown lessons: A new age of environmental focus for commercial property?

by Ian Leslie on 5th July 2020 in Industry News

Commercial property industry driving positive environmental change? Reading a recent Property Week article raised a few relevant points the team and I have been working through and I thought I would share… In this current state of flux, as a business owner, my immediate focus is on my clients and what impact the global crisis […]

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My lockdown lessons: Commercial property hit worse than the great depression?

by Ian Leslie on 8th June 2020 in Industry News

Brace yourself for more negativity in the commercial property press   Is this the new great depression? Well no not quite. I understand negative headlines sell more and get more clicks than positive, hence my title today!  With wave after wave of negativity in the press, I am keen to shed some optimism for my […]

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