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Not so Winter Blues!

by David Reeves on 11th January 2018 in Aerial Photography

Despite a forecast of rolling fog blanketing most of the UK, Paul Wells the High Level pilot had planned this aerial assignment with perfect precision and was under no illusion that it would be anything other than perfect at each of our destinations. With photographer Bryony Bishop alongside, ‘Oscar Bravo’, the High Level plane confidently took […]

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Diary of a Long Distance Aerial Photographer – Part Two
A beautiful towering manor house surrounded by forest

by David Reeves on 15th May 2017 in Aerial Photography

Finally we head inland to our next site which is an industrial estate in Gateshead where a cloud shadow over our target checked our progress as we waited for it to clear. Once complete we pinned our ears back for another long leg, this time heading west to Preston, Lancashire. Our track took us over […]

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Diary of a Long Distance Aerial Photographer – Part One
A blue an yellow Cessna 172 light aircraft flying in front of woodland

by David Reeves on 9th May 2017 in Aerial Photography

Tyres kicked, pre-flight checks complete, fuel tanks full, bladders empty, tower clearance received and away we go… Climbing into the Surrey skies for an aerial photography mission that will take us in a big circuit around much of England. It is one of those rare weather days in the UK where the forecasts are pretty […]

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Aerial Photography over London, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Northampton

by admin on 28th January 2012 in Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography – Flight Overview On Friday 27th January 2012 High Level Photography flew a large aerial photography sortie. The route was from Fairoaks Airport in Surrey (our head office) to the North of England via South East London and back. As well as the aerial photography commissions on the route we also took the […]

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