View Photography in the City of London

During last week High Level Photography were asked to photograph some views that will be available to owners of a new development in Central / East London.  The only problem was that the building did not yet exist at the various floor levels required


Balloon or Crane photography


IMG_14671_960 View Photography in the City of London


Your transport sir!


There were several options available, Balloon, mast or using a man basket suspended from a crane.


The Balloon option was looking the best way to go but with a number of issues about access and wind restrictions and the urgency it was decided to photograph from a basket suspended from the crane.



Friday the 3rd January 2012 was the day picked as the crane had become operational and the weather was good.  Friday was a very cold day and was the day before the snow was due to arrive around the UK.



Ian Leslie was the photographer and up up and away he went.   Some sample shots are below.  Some photographs were done on an iPhone 4,  but the client photography was done using a Canon 5dMk2 DSLR.


IMG_14661_960 View Photography in the City of London


Don’t look down

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